Doha International Airport (DOH)
Car Parking

(Doha, Qatar)

Doha International Airport offers reasonable parking facilities, with the bulk of spaces offered to those wishing to park for long periods. At total of 60 short-term spaces are available, while 600 long-term spaces are on hand. Payment rates are charged hourly for short periods and daily for long periods.

The following list details further information on airport car parking at Doha International Airport (DOH).


Facilities for short-term parking can be found outside the Departures and the Arrivals terminals. Charges are made on an hourly or a daily basis. A total of 60 short-term spaces are available.


Facilities for long-term parking can be found outside the Departures and Arrivals terminals. Charges are levied at a daily rate and 600 parking spaces are available.
A new covered facility is also available, which is designed to protect vehicles from potential sun damage.


Doha Airport has reserved spaces for those with special needs, which are conveniently located near the exit and entry points of the car parks. Drivers requiring assistance should contact their airline prior to their arrival at the car park. Please call the airport on: +974 462 2222 for further details about parking spaces for disabled drivers.

Doha Airport DOH

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